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The 3rd Thematic workshop of the project entitled ‘Can oilseeds crops offer a sustainable alternative for industrial bio-based products?” was organized by ITERG and CRES, the 18th February 2011 in Bordeaux, France
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The 4th Thematic workshop of the project entitled ‘Niche markets for specialty industrial crops’ was organized by CHIMAR, BIOS and CRES, the 2nd September 2011 in Thessaloniki, Greece
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“Non-food Crops-to-Industry schemes in EU27”

Agricultural and forestry resources can provide renewable raw materials for a broad range of non-food products, such as chemicals, fibres, construction materials, lubricants, fuels, etc. Development and commercialization of such biobased industrial and energy products will support a viable and competitive European bio-based industry, provide new and expanded markets for agricultural feedstocks, accelerate their market penetration, reduce dependence on petroleum and other chemical counterparts, and diversify agriculture.

The cultivation of crops for non-food uses as started a long time ago, but, in spite of considerable investment in research and development, the introduction of such bio-based products into the European commercial marketplace is still poor.

The ultimate objective of this project is to explore the potential of non-food crops, which can be domestically grown in EU27 context, for selected industrial applications, namely oils, fibers, resins, pharmaceuticals and other specialty products and outline and prioritise crops-to-products schemes, suitable for the different Member States, which will support sustainable, economic viable and competitive European bio-based industry and agriculture.

The expected output of this project will be to identify the whether and under which terms Europe has the potential and the technical competence to develop a competitive bio-industry fed by a sustainable agriculture.

The Final Thematic workshop of the project entitled ‘Non-food crops for a European bio-based industry and sustainable agriculture’ was organized by UNIBO and CRES, in January 31st 2012 in Bologna, Italy
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